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How this works ?

Hello, You can rent a number of pixels for your image to be loaded.
Follow the process till finalization.
Make the payment with BURST as instructed and after the payment is confirmed by the block chain, your order will be activated automatically.
You will also receive an Encrypted Message with a link where you can update your information on the rented pixels.

The whole process is automated by the Burst block chain.
Please make orders one by one and pay the exact amount of BURST ( no more , no less ) requested for your pixel rental.
Your rental is for one year. After the one year the image will disappear from page and then will be a free space where you can re-order.

Thank you !

Own a piece of history !

Rent for 1 year pixels in internet and pay with burst.
Promote your page with BURST, earn prestige and get known by people.
Don't wait too long, this will be sold out very fast.

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